0.15 gram packet

Bustina 0,15 gr

0.30 gram jar

Vasetto 0,30 gr

0.50 gram jar

Vasetto 0,50 gr

Different sizes and packaging are available upon request.

Uses: to fully appreciate its flavour, colour and high quality, soak some Zafferano dei Giovi threads in a small amount of warm water (you can also use milk or stock, depending on the recipe) at least an hour before using it. In this way, it will release all its aroma (safranal), colour (crocin and crocetin) and slightly bitter, yet agreeable taste (picrocrocin).

Alternatively, if you are in a hurry, it is possible to put the threads between two sheets of baking paper and crush them with a pestle, then soften them in warm water and finally add them to the recipe, once the dish is ready to serve. 

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