Zafferano dei Giovi developed without the help of chemicals and pesticides. We try, with the help of constant checks and accurate selections, to cultivate a natural product which engages all senses thanks to its colour, taste, perfume and countless properties. In 2019, we also become ISO 3236 certified organic product.

Our plots of land, which face south and overlook the sea, are in the Giovi area, where we are based. We started growing saffron in 2015, when we planted 1500 corms to assess soil conditions, essential for the production of a high quality spice. The following year, given the good response from the corms, we got rid of the bushes in the surrounding area and planted corms on a surface of 3500 square metres. In 2017 we prepared and fenced another plot, reaching 5000 square metres of cultivated land. Our goal is now to completely cover our 2.5 hectares with these unique purple flowers.

Zafferano dei Giovi is the result of a long and strict process. First we collect the flowers, then, after they have been allowed to wilt, we dry the stigma at low heat, never exceeding 45°C. Finally we select the pistils and we package them without the use of machinery. Inside our packets, you will only find pure saffron threads, nothing else. Exactly like in our fields, where we grow nothing else but Crocus Sativus corms.

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