My name is Riccardo Risso, born in 1973 in Pontedecimo, Genoa, where I was also grown, and I have always had a deep connection with the place I grew up in.

Despite the lack of time due to study and work, I have always tried to be an active member of my community. For example I started volunteering at a local public assistance when I was young and it is still one of my passions today. In fact, I believe in spending time in a meaningful way, taking responsibility for the area we live in through social commitment and environmental protection.

Zafferano dei Giovi® project derives from the idea that we could recover my grandfather Giovanni’s land, which had been left unused since he passed away. He used to live on these hills overlooking the city of Genoa and we tried to give this place a new life in an innovative way.

Wanting something is not enough, though: I had always had jobs which had nothing to do with this and I did not have the necessary knowledge to fulfill my dream. Only when I told my friend Rosella, an experienced gardener, our project started to take shape and we shortly went from having a simple idea to sharing a dream. A dream which, as time goes on, is becoming a wonderful reality.

In summer 2015, it wasn’t easy to create a way through the bushes which had completely taken over granddad Giovanni’s land. It was not easy also waiting for the tests to understand whether that soil, on which so many different crops had grown over the years, was suitable for saffron corms to become a high quality product.

Of course, the results were very positive, otherwise Zafferano dei Giovi® would have never existed: the happiness we felt when we realised our tests had been successful was immense.

Sacrifice, determination, but mostly passion have produced the results we were hoping for: all the values we are trying to convey when you taste our saffron.

“We put our heart into it” is our motto, indeed. Because in our range of products you will find pure saffron pistils, the heart of the flower, but also all the heart we have put into this adventure, to give a new dignity and a new life to this land, which is still marked by our grandparents’ hard work. With our fine product we wish to deliver this message and we hope the saffron will become a new ingredient, always present in your kitchen.

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